We manage the assets of investment funds, which is a complicated activity requiring the utmost in responsibility. That’s why we work with only the most important financial institutions and consultancy firms in the Czech market. 

Partner with us in the following areas

AVANT partner Area of cooperation
Attorney Legal consultancy on transformations and investments (transactions)
Auditor Audit of investment funds (annual, during transformations)
Bank Depositary control of investment funds

Financing investments of funds and their project companies

Intermediation of investments in open-end funds

Tax advisor Tax consultancy (tax returns, during transformations, investments)
Investment intermediary Intermediation of investments in open-end funds
Securities broker Securities trading for the account of investment funds
Market maker for listed funds
Intermediation of investments in open-end funds

Do you have experience with investment funds? Are you looking for a more comprehensive and effective service? That’s precisely what AVANT gives you and your clients.

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