Asset management

We can assess your assets more efficiently

We offer asset management through funds for qualified investors, which at the time being represent the most effective, safest and most transparent way of your portfolio management. To date we manage 63 funds for qualified investors representing the total amount of more than CZK 28 billion.

Why funds for qualified investors (FKI)?

  • The most significant economic benefit lies in the preferential taxation of the funds (5% of profits compared to the standard 19%).
  • FKI investment focus and limits are very wide (securities, real estate, renewable resources, receivables, loans, trademarks, arts, etc.).
  • FKI is an efficient, transparent and controlled tool for the cooperation of a smaller number of investors sharing a specific investment goal.
  • FKI can also be used for the centralised management of the asset portfolio or to obtain financial resources for the further development of the client’s business, without having to negatively affect (because of joint-ownership) the client's business itself.
  • Compared to the structures of international tax planning, the advantages of FKI are as follows: lower tax and legal risks, more transparent and easier management and elimination of difficulties with repatriation of profits and conflict of laws.
  • The FKI statute defines investment conditions and shareholders' relationships, therefore restricts control mechanisms to riskiness of investments and fund management activities.

Why us?

  • The benefit for clients is a priority for us.
  • We are a trustworthy, respected and stable company.
  • The experience and contacts of our specialised team will move you forward.
  • We offer a full range of services related to the establishment, management and administration of funds for qualified investors.
    • Evaluation of the benefits of FKI
    • Guidance and cooperation in the establishment of the fund
    • Control of investment processes
    • Communication with the depositary
    • Financial accounting management
    • Determination of the net asset value of the fund and the value of the profit participation certificate or share
    • Compliance
    • Internal audit
    • Reporting and communication with the supervisory authority (CNB)
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